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Booking Appointments

Click on Book Appointment from the top right corner of this page or call us on 03 9438 1911. Please note, not all appointment types can be booked online.

If you are unable to find the appointment type you are looking for please call reception. In most cases, we can arrange an appointment on the same day. If you require an urgent appointment, please advise the staff when you call.

Please call the clinic to make an appointment for Immunisations, Care Plans and Health Aassessments as these appointments are not available to book online.

Appointment Length

The standard appointment length is 15 minutes. If you are new to the practice, you will automatically receive a double appointment. If you are unsure about the appointment length please call us. We kindly request that if you are running late or unable to attend your appointment please let us know at your earliest convenience. 


With the exception of consultations for children under 16 and pensioners over 75, we are not a bulk billing practice. Our charges are in line with or better than most other professional services, including lawyers, accountants, dentists, veterinarians etc.

Please note the following:

  • * Bulk billing applies to Children under the age of 16 and Pensioners aged 75 and over on weekdays ONLY. Private billing applies for all other consultations.
  • * Concession fees apply to Pension Card and Health Care Card Holders on weekdays ONLY.
  • * Saturday Appointments: Standard rates apply between 9am-1pm. After hours rates apply from 1pm (see below).
  • * Telehealth appointments are privately billed and you will be informed of this at time of booking and consultation. 
  • * Molescreen appointments available. 
  • * Please bring your Medicare card and any concession cards (e.g. Pension or Health Care card) 
  • * Payment in full is required on the day of your appointment.

Simpler, Easier Payment of Medical Bills.

We have simplified payment of consultation fees using Medicare Easyclaim, a computer-assisted, on site rebate claims service. We request payment in full on the day of your consultation.

After payment is made, we can immediately process an on-the-spot refund from Medicare into your savings or cheque account. Please note, you will need to bring an EFT card linked to your savings or cheque account in order to use this service.

GP Consultation Rates


Why are we increasing the fees?

Medicare rebates have not kept up with the inflation index for over 10 years. Healthcare costs continue to rise, and our practice can no longer continue to absorb this without increasing our fees. This decision is to ensure that we can continue to operate and provide quality health care to our community. If you are experiencing financial hardship, please discuss your situation with your Doctor.


Pensioner  HCC      Student  Medicare
3 $44 $35 $35 $35 $18.85
23 $89 $60 $75 $60 $41.20
36 $162 $140 $140 $60 $79.70
44 $250 $200 $200 $60 $117.40

Saturday After Hours (From 1pm onwards)

> 20 minutes
$115                    N/A             N/ A               N/A                $53.65    
21-40 minutes
$152  N/A N/A N/A $92.00


Updated 20/10/2023

Extra costs

If you undergo a medical procedure, you may be liable for extra fees, which you will be informed of prior. The extra costs may include: treatment room fees, dressings,  suture packs,
specialist and non-GP fees. Please note, the fees above are applicable for GP consultations only. Visiting medical specialists and non-GP health providers (physiotherapists, psychologists) use a different fee structure. Please enquire about this when you call for an appointment.

Work Cover Consultation Fees
Diamond Creek Medical Centre is a private billing practice. Therefore, patients are required to pay for Work Cover consultations on the day and arrange reimbursement of the rebate amount from their employer/insurer.
Note: Out of Pocket Fees will apply for all Work Cover Consultations effective 01/06/2023.